TBCC Career-to-Career Scholarships can help you go back to school.

Rhoda Hanson, Director of Student Services

As fall approaches, I am excited for the return of pumpkin spice lattes, the changing leaves, and the start of a new school year with all the opportunities education provides. Fall term at TBCC begins September 24. There is plenty of time for you to get started. You may be considering returning to school, but may be worried about the cost, and wondering if you are truly prepared to begin. If this sounds like you, don’t worry; TBCC is here to help you. We can partner you with an advisor who can help guide you through the process from application to graduation. They will help you look at scholarship opportunities and ways to pay for your education. You may be surprised at all the opportunities available to assist you.

Many of you are familiar with our First Class Scholar program, which covers the cost of tuition for up to two years for recent high school graduates. You may not have heard about our Career-to-Career (CtoC) scholarship program which offers a similar benefit to students returning to school after a break of five years or more. As the name suggests, this program is available to students wanting to transition to a new job or gain a promotion by increasing their skills. The CtoC program covers full tuition for you to attend TBCC. Many returning students also qualify for additional financial support which can cover transportation costs, childcare, and living expenses. CtoC scholarships are open until Aug. 31, and the application is on our website.

TBCC created the CtoC program with working adults in mind. The program allows students the flexibility to begin when they are ready (summer, fall, winter, or spring), and to register for the number of classes each term that fit into their busy schedule. TBCC offers many night courses to assist those who work during the day, and our Business Administration courses are offered entirely online. We are very proud of our first cohort of students who completed their first year this past spring. Though going back to school takes a big adjustment, many of these CtoC students were on the Honor’s list at least one term. We are honored to partner with these students as they progress toward their goal.

If you are starting your junior or senior year of high school in Tillamook County, talk to an advisor about how to prepare and apply to be a First Class Scholar at TBCC. If you have been out of high school five years or more and would like to start your education, please give us a call to see if the Career-to-Career scholarship program is a good fit for you. There is a place for everyone at TBCC. We can help you find your way, set goals and accomplish your dreams. To learn more visit www.tillamookbaycc.edu, or contact student services at (503) 842-8222 ext. 1100.