Scholarships Can Make the Difference

Heidi Luquette, TBCC Foundation Executive Director
October 19, 2018

I love the Mildred Davy Scholarship and Recognition Luncheon. Watching scholarship recipients give a heartfelt thank you to the families and service clubs who provided them with scholarships moves me every year. It reminds me of how important it is that we give each other a helping hand in life. Mildred Davy was known to say, “He climbs the highest peak who helps another up.” The luncheon is a way for us to say thank you to those who are giving a helping hand to students and to recognize the student recipients for believing in a better future.

October 18th we celebrated the 16th Annual Mildred Davy Memorial Scholarship and Recognition luncheon and our theme was Believe. Dr. Ross Tomlin, TBCC president shared a very touching story about a young woman who believed in herself enough to invest in a better future, “this student began her journey at TBCC in an English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) class. She moved on to achieve her GED and immediately the next term enrolled in college courses. She was a working mom, bound and determined to find a better way for her family, and to improve her opportunities so she could live the life she dreamed. Her first term at TBCC, she literally counted out the dollars she needed to enroll and pay for books; she only had enough for one class. She met with the financial aid team who told her about Foundation scholarships. She began applying for any and all that she could, spending many hours writing essays, and applying for as many as nine scholarships each year. During her time at TBCC she received the Barbara and Emily Knutson Scholarship, the M. Wayne Jensen Endowed Scholarship, the Tillamook Rotary Scholarship, the AAUW Endowed scholarship, the Mario and Alma Pastega Family Scholarship, the Fred Bennet Scholarship and the Alicia and Robert Reed Scholarship. In June, I proudly shook this young woman’s hand as she graduated from TBCC Summa Cum Laude and wearing the gold cords that identify her as a Phi Theta Kappa honor society member. Today, she is attending Western Oregon University to complete a bachelor’s degree. I have no doubt she will succeed.” This story shows determination and the belief that there can be a better life through education.

If you have any doubt that believing in a student and supporting them with a scholarship can change a life, we invite you to view the video of Angelica Acosta, 2016 TBCC graduate, and recipient of the Arthur and Janet Riedel Endowed scholarship and the Mario and Alma Pastega Family Scholarship. Angelica is earning a Master’s in Social Work at Portland State University and said that knowing that donors believed in her made the difference. The video is posted on our website If you would like to help a student go to college you can contact me at