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Apply for TBCC Foundation Scholarships -Tillamook Bay Community College

TBCC Foundation Scholarship Application is Open

Apply by Dec. 14.
November 29, 2018
Graduate selfie

TBCC Foundation Scholarships are now open. To apply login to our scholarship software by clicking this link  TBCC SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION

Who can apply: Any student who needs support to help pay to attend credit courses at TBCC

How much is available? For winter term, there are five, $500 scholarships available

You probably won’t award a scholarship to me: Why wouldn’t we? If you have a need, you should apply. If you don’t receive a scholarship this term it is probably because funding is limited for winter term. Don’t give up, in the spring we will have almost $70,000 to award to students for next year. Please talk with our financial aid advisors to learn what else is available, and how we can help you get started (or continue) on your education.

I am having troubling logging into the scholarship system: First, follow all instruction at the login site. If you still aren’t able to set up a password and login, Contact