TBCC Recognizes Honors Students for Fall Term 2018

January 4, 2019
TBCC Front of Building

Tillamook Bay Community College is proud to recognize the following students for their outstanding academic achievement during Fall Term 2018. To qualify
for the TBCC Honors List a student must achieve at least a 3.5 GPA, have completed a minimum 12 credit hours during the current term and be seeking
a degree.


Mason Amos, Zach Anderson-Von Heeder, Aidan Arneson, Richard Bain III,  Joanna Benito,Darion Boggs, Maygen Brogden, Summer Brown, Esperansa Ceja, Isabella Christy, Sam Coulter, Doris Flores, Lili Gaede, Agustin Garcia, Mia Gibson, Hannah Grider, Ella Gum, Mariah Hallock, Kym Hamann, Claudia Hernandez, Chase Hodge, Noah Hoefler, Zachary Houchins, Caitlin Knutsen, Logan Laity, Kalie Ledbetter, Makayla Meyer, Dustin Moffet, Coral Morales Cortez, Madison Motsinger, Mellissa Mumey, Paulina Ontiveros Aispuro, Angelica Ortiz Rios, MaKenna Osburne, Calvin Patching, Kelsey Petty, Fiona Phetnouvong, Jhonary Pimienta, Morgan Queen, Carla Rodriguez, Gabe Rodriguez, Kasandra Rodriguez, Randy Roseburgh, Traeger Ruhter, Makayla Schwend, Courtney Solano, Char Sullivan, Stephanie Van De Hey, Miguel Verdugo Valdez, Annika Waterman.