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We create bridges to opportunity by providing quality education that serves the needs of our diverse community.

Change your mind. Change your life.

Our Mission

Tillamook Bay Community College creates bridges to opportunity by providing quality education that serves the needs of our diverse community.

Our Vision

Tillamook Bay Community College is a local leader in educational excellence and innovation, community advancement, and economic success.

Our Values

Tillamook Bay Community College values and promotes student success through academic excellence and resourceful teamwork in an environment that is personal and friendly.

STUDENT SUCCESS – TBCC values being keenly receptive and intentionally responsive to students and fully supports achievement of their goals.

ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE – TBCC values rigorous, relevant education and training for students and the community.

RESOURCEFUL TEAMWORK – TBCC values collaboration, effective communication, and the wise use of resources to accomplish our mission.

PERSONAL & FRIENDLY ENVIRONMENT – TBCC values and demonstrates genuine concern and respect for each other, communities we serve, and our students while helping each achieve their potential.

TBCC Core Themes

Educational Excellence:  Students are provided with the opportunity to succeed in an equitable, inclusive, and supportive environment that enhances individual and professional growth, through academic, personal and professional development.

Economic Success:  The College contributes to the economic growth and development of students, community residents, and the entire region, while also practicing good stewardship of college resources.

Leadership, Partnership and Community Engagement:  The college and its students, staff, and faculty serve as educational and community leaders through professional
development, skill building, or partnership with local businesses and school districts, postsecondary institutions, the TBCC Foundation, and governmental and social services.

Saved by students due to OERs
Saved by high school students/families taking college classes while in high school last year
Over $60,000 awarded in scholarship support to students this year
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Strategic Planning and Accreditation

The 2017-2021 Strategic Plan sets a course that TBCC staff and faculty will work on together to guide the college. This strategic Plan maintains Tillamook Bay Community College’s continuing commitment to our comprehensive mission that is focused on student success in learning, transfer education, career and technical education, developmental education, or lifelong learning. It is the commitment to the community that TBCC is their college and their access portal to the education and training they need to meet their career goals.

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TBCC Foundation

The purpose of the Tillamook Bay Community College Foundation is to engage our community in developing long-term financial support for vital programs, student scholarships, innovation and bridges to opportunity at Tillamook Bay Community College.

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College Board of Education

The Board of Education of Tillamook Bay Community College recognizes that it is responsible to all the citizens of the College service area which constitutes Tillamook County, regardless of political, social, fraternal, religious or other affiliation.

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TBCC News and Events

Stay up-to-date on the news and events at TBCC and the community