Partnership Building Ground Breaking photo

Current Board Members

Board Member Zone Term Expiration
Billy Schreiber, Chair  Zone 4: Bay City, Garibaldi, Kilchis, Maple Leaf, and Foley  June 2017
Kathy Gervasi, Vice Chair  Zone 3: City of Tillamook (precincts 1-6), Eastside, and Trask  June 2017
Deborah Lincoln Zone 6: At large June 2017
Pam Zweifel, Zone 2: Fairvew, Netarts, Oceanside, South Prairie, and Westside June 2017
Danell Boggs Zone 5: Nehalem, Pine Grove, Rockaway Beach, Wheeler, and Manzanita June 2019
Mary Faith Bell Zone 7: At large June 2017
Mary Jones Zone 1: Beaver, Carnahan, Cloverdale, Hebo, Neskowin, Pacific City, and Union June 2017

Board meetings are typically, but not always, the first Monday of the month, with the exception of NO meetings in July and August.

Joint workshop meetings with the three school districts in the county are held off campus and may be scheduled for a different day of the month.

Please check back for notices of meetings to determine time and place, or contact Connie Green, College President, for date and location verification at, or call 503-842-8222 ext. 1015.


Board Notices & Board Packets

Date Notice Date Board Packet
04/03/2017 Notice 04/03/2017 April 2017 Board Packet
2/24/2017 Notice 2/24/2017 March 2017 Board Packet
1/30/2017 Notice 1/30/2017 February 2017 Board Packet
1/4/2017 Notice 1/4/2017 January 2017 Board Packet
12/13/2016 Notice of TBCC Board Vacancy 12/13/2016
12/12/2016 Notice 12/12/2016 December 2016 Board Packet
11/16/2016 Notice of TBCC Board Vacancy
11/07/2016 Notice 11/07/2016 November 2016 Board Packet
10/10/2016 Notice of Executive Session
10/10/2016 Notice 10/10/2016 October 2016 Board Packet
09/26/2016 Notice 09/12/2016 September 2016 Board Packet
09/02/2016 Notice 06/06/2016 June 2016 Board Packet
04/18/2016 Notice of Budget Committee Meeting 05/02/2016 May 2016 Board Packet
03/07/2016 Notice 04/04/2016 April 2016 Board Packet
03/07/2016 Executive Session Notice 03/07/2016 March 2016 Board Packet