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GED -Tillamook Bay Community College

GED Preparation

Classes are available in English or Spanish.

Completing the GED, the equivalent of a high school diploma, is an important step in a student’s education and future.

Frequently Asked Questions
Who can sign up for GED classes?

Students must be at least 16 years old in order to enroll in GED classes. Students who are under the age of 18 or who are current high school students, need to obtain a “Release from Compulsory Attendance” form from the high school before attending classes or taking the GED Tests. The release form is available from the school district.

How do I sign up?

To sign up for classes please contact Student Services at (503) 842-8222 ext. 1100, visit them at our main campus, 4301 Third Street, Tillamook, or email

How much do GED classes cost?

Students can sign up at any time during the term. If you are not able to pay the fee, the college may be able to help. If you need help, please contact Amy Alday-Murray at 503-842-8222 ext: 1070 or email her at

Where can I take GED tests?

GED tests can be taken online in the TBCC Library and Learning Center, Room 209. Testing hours vary. Sign-up, scheduling, and payment for testing is done online at Step-by-step instructions are provided. If you are having trouble scheduling, please contact the TBCC Library and Learning Center at 503-842-8222 ext: 1710. You may take the tests without taking the GED preparation classes.

What do I bring to the testing center?

Please bring current photo identification which includes a signature to your testing appointment. We cannot use your college ID for identification. You may use a calculator for the math exam. Calculators are available in the testing center. You may not use your cell phone as a calculator. Do not bring personal items or electronic devices including cell phones. Locked cabinets are available during the test if you need to store anything.

How much does it cost for GED testing?

The fee is $38.00 per test or $152.00 for all four tests, however, prices are subject to change. If you are not able to pay the fee, the college may be able to help. If you need help, contact Amy Alday-Murray at (503) 842-8222 ext. 1070 or email her at

Is there a graduation ceremony for GED completers?

We encourage all GED completers and their guests to participate in Graduation as a celebration of your achievement.

How do I get my GED scores?

You’ll receive an email letting you know when your scores are ready. Typically, you will receive this email within one business day; however, in some cases it may take up to two business days, especially if you tested on a Friday, Saturday, or the day before a holiday.

  • Your scores will also be available on your MyGED Dashboard.
  • To access your dashboard, simply login to 
How do I get my GED transcripts?

You should receive an email with your diploma/transcripts once you have passed your final GED test.

If you have lost that email, or never received it, visit GEDTS Credentialing to get your transcripts.