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Dr. Bob’s Faculty Page -Tillamook Bay Community College
Intercalated discs of cardiac muscle photo

Welcome to Dr. Bob's Faculty Page for Spring Term 2019

drbob Robert “Dr. Bob” Pietruszka Biology Faculty

A.A. – San Francisco City College

B.A. Biology – California State University, San Francisco

M.S. Zoology – Oregon State University

Ph.D. Biology –¬†University of New Mexico ¬†


Spring term courses (Moodle supported):

If you are enrolled in one of these courses, the link will take you to the Moodle page for the course. This page has important information on the content and scheduling for the course. Contact me to receive the course enrollment key.

Biology 103 – General Biology

Biology 233 – Human Anatomy & Physiology III

Biology 234 РMicrobiology 

Below are links to a variety of open access, peer review journals in no particular order. Use these links during the research for your term papers. I will add to this list as I find more sources.

Photo credit: RD Pietruszka