TBCC Faculty and Staff Directory

TBCC can be reached by using either our local number (503) 842-8222
Our Fax is: (503) 842-8334.

Staff and faculty can be reached at the extension numbers below or via email.


Last Name

First Name



1070  Alday-Murray  Amy Curriculum and Career Pathways Specialist amyaldaymurray@tillamookbaycc.edu
1815  Atchison  Tom Business Administration Instructor tomatchison@tillamookbaycc.edu
1270  Blackburn  Amy EDC & Tourism Accountant amyblackburn@tillamookbaycc.edu
(503) 842-2672  Burdick  Meghan Tourism Marketing Programs Assistant meghanburdick@tillamookbaycc.edu
1870  Bush  Hayden OSU – Open Campus Coordinator haydenbush@mail.tillamookbaycc.edu
1620 Cothern  Renee Information Technology Coordinator  reneecothern@tillamookbaycc.edu
(503) 842-2672  Devlin  Nan Tourism Director  nandevlin@tillamookbaycc.edu
1140  Elder  Cara Career Education Advisor / ASPIRE Coordinator caraelder@tillamookbaycc.edu
1825  Elliott  Sydney English Instructor sydneyelliott@tillamookbaycc.edu
1040  Garcia  Jean Title III Grant Director jeangarcia@tillamookbaycc.edu
1010  Green  Connie President Emeritus conniegreen@tillamookbaycc.edu
1320  Gregory  Melani Community and Continuing Education Coordinator melanigregory@tillamookbaycc.edu
1060  Grosulak  Karen Executive Support Specialist karengrosulak@tillamookbaycc.edu
1420  Gruenewald  Laura Office Support Specialist EDC / SBDC of Tillamook lauragruenewald@tillamookbaycc.edu
1110  Hanson Rhoda Director of Student Services rhodahanson@tillamookbaycc.edu
1510  Hastings  George Facilities Maintenance Specialist georgehastings@tillamookbaycc.edu
1030  Hovey  Ann Chief Academic Officer annhovey@tillamookbaycc.edu
1130  Jackson  Sally Financial Aid Advisor sallyjackson@tillamookbaycc.edu
1135  Jordan  Kelsey Financial Aid Advisor kelseyjordan@tillamookbaycc.edu
1150  Kim  Miryang Career Education Advisor miryangkim@tillamookbaycc.edu
1240  Kraus  Holly TBCC Store Manager / Cashier hollykraus@tillamookbaycc.edu
1820  Laszlo  Geza Math Instructor gezalaszlo@tillamookbaycc.edu
1025  Luquette  Heidi Director of Development and College Advancement heidiluquette@tillamookbaycc.edu
1035  McCarley  Erin Institutional Research and Planning Analyst erinmccarley@tillamookbaycc.edu
1080  Miller  Sarah Instructional and College Support sarahmiller@tillamookbaycc.edu
1610  Neu  Sheryl Information Technology Director sherylneu@tillamookbaycc.edu
1710  Phoenix  Masyn College Librarian / Library Director masynphoenix@tillamookbaycc.edu
1805  Pietruszka  Bob Biological Sciences Instructor robertpietruszka@tillamookbaycc.edu
1020  Ryan  Pat Director – Facilities, Safety, Human Resources patryan@tillamookbaycc.edu
1875  Sandusky  John Social Science Instructor johnsandusky@tillamookbaycc.edu
1840  Schild  Tami Regional Coordinator of Career and  Technical Education tamischild@tillamookbaycc.edu
1145  Sousa  John Assistant Registrar johnsousa@tillamookbaycc.edu
1410  Soto  Arlene SBDC Director arlenesoto@tillamookbaycc.edu
1310  Spitzer  Darryl APR / MIT Coordinator and Curriculum Development darrylspitzer@tillamookbaycc.edu
1720  Taylor  Lisa Library Assistant lisataylor@tillamookbaycc.edu
1015  Tomlin  Ross President rosstomlin@tillamookbaycc.edu
1220  Vanselow  Sheryl Business Office Specialist sherylvanselow@tillamookbaycc.edu
1810  Weissenfluh  Michael Business / Computer Instructor michaelweissenfluh@tillamookbaycc.edu
1210  Williams  Kyra Chief Finance Officer kyrawilliams@tillamookbaycc.edu
1230  Woodke  Karey Business Office Specialist kareywoodke@tillamookbaycc.edu
2116  ASTBCC     &


Student Government Office astbcc@mail.tillamookbaycc.edu


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