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TBCC Connections: An Amazing and Giving Community -Tillamook Bay Community College

An Amazing and Giving Community

Ross Tomlin, President, TBCC
December 17, 2019

Now is the season when we often reflect on the year passed, and recognize all of the things in our lives for which we are thankful. In 2019, like all other years, Tillamook Bay Community College (TBCC) is thankful for the amazing people and organizations in Tillamook County that contribute to the success of the College and our students. The list of contributors is long, and there simply is not enough space today to mention everyone that shares their time, resources, creativity, and passion with TBCC.  It is this support that provides the opportunities for TBCC to be successful and continue to grow. Education is a transformational process that makes such a positive difference in the lives of so many. We want to continue to be a beacon of hope for even more people in our community to earn a career or grow in their current employment.

There are so many ways that people in this county help the College. One group of individuals who are not often recognized for their important contributions are those who volunteer on each of our program advisory committees. Each career-technical education program at TBCC has a corresponding industry advisory committee made up of individuals from companies and agencies that hire graduates in that particular field. The advisory committees meet with the program faculty 2-3 times each year to provide valuable input on the key skills and knowledge needed for graduates to be as employable as possible. The work includes reviewing program curriculum, course outcomes, equipment needs, and more. Our programs and students would not be as successful if not for the many hours put in by these volunteers. They are helping to make a difference for current and emerging programs. Recently, we had almost a dozen industry professionals from across the healthcare industry meet and provide valuable feedback and input that is allowing the College to develop a new Medical Assisting program and a Healthcare Certificate. The input was invaluable.

Another group of individuals important to mention are those who are continuing to support scholarships. Last year, our Foundation received $102,000 in donations for scholarships. This included creation of new scholarships such as the Teach for Tillamook scholarship and the Gilda J. Brown Pre-Nursing Scholarship. This year, the Foundation is focusing specifically on funding the Career-to-Career scholarship program to help those in our community who have been out of school and working for at least five years, and want to go back to school. This just touches the surface of all the people and groups in Tillamook County that help the College to deliver high-quality education to our community. It is what makes TBCC truly a “community” college.  Thank you to this amazing community for your investment.