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TBCC Connections: It Takes a Village -Tillamook Bay Community College

It Takes a Village

Ross Tomlin, President, TBCC
December 17, 2019

There is a popular proverb that states: “It Takes a Village to Raise a Child”. I would take that proverb a step further and say it takes a village to develop a successful community. We certainly have that here in Tillamook County. One of the things that attracted me to Tillamook three years ago was the way our residents work together and help each other to solve problems and improve our way of life.

TBCC aspires to be an integral part of this process every day. We have found that we can help more students be successful by partnering with many different organizations and people throughout Tillamook County, and because of this, we have grown some great partnerships.

This fall, working with close to a dozen healthcare partners throughout the county, TBCC developed a new Healthcare Pathway for students who wish to pursue careers in many different areas of the healthcare industry. The first program to be offered at TBCC will be Medical Assisting, which will start in the spring of 2020.

We are also now partnering with Oregon Coast Community College (OCCC) in Lincoln County to offer nursing courses to a Tillamook cohort of up to 8 students each year. The best thing about this partnership is that the OCCC classes are live-streamed to TBCC so students do not have to travel to Newport for the classroom instruction. We also have our continued partnership with Adventist Health Tillamook, which offers the required clinical experiences and labs at the hospital for the students. They also graciously contribute to funding of the program through OCCC.

We have long standing partnerships with Tillamook YMCA and the North County Recreation District (NCRD) in Nehalem which both offer many TBCC community education classes. These organizations gain funding from the fees for the classes, the college gets credit for the enrollments, and most importantly, our community members gain beneficial knowledge and experience outside of their day-to-day activities.

We continue to strengthen our partnerships with the other educational institutions in the county. We offer college classes in all three school districts through our dual credit program, and we articulate many courses from the high schools to different programs at TBCC. The college, along with OSU Extension, are co-owners of our Partners in Rural Innovation (PRI) Building across the street from our main campus. We share a faculty member with OSU who coordinates the Forestry, Agriculture, and Natural Resources programs for TBCC, and she works to ensure TBCC students can transfer seamlessly to OSU, or any other Oregon university.

New community partnerships are in the works as well. We are exploring ways we can work together with the wonderful County Library system to offer unique learning opportunities to people throughout Tillamook County. These will be planned and offered over the coming year.

These partnerships just touch the surface of the organizations and people we work closely with to ensure we have a strong community college in Tillamook County. It truly does take a village to be a successful community and we have a very special village here in Tillamook.