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TBCC Connections: A Vision for the Future of TBCC -Tillamook Bay Community College

TBCC Connections: A Vision for the Future of TBCC

By Dr. Ross Tomlin, TBCC President
Ross Tomlin Photo
May 20, 2020

This has been a very challenging period for all of us, including colleges and universities. Among all the uncertainty and stress, however, TBCC has been moving forward with its Facilities Master Plan (FMP) development. The College has grown rapidly in the last few years and continues to add new academic programs that prepare graduates for many career opportunities locally and beyond. We plan to continue growing to meet the educational needs of businesses and people in Tillamook County, but we have simply run out of room to do so.

We started the FMP process over a year ago by holding brainstorming sessions with faculty, staff, and our Board of Education. We then connected with over 400 people throughout Tillamook County to ask how the College could better serve the communities over the coming 20 years. We spoke with business and industry and reviewed regional economic forecasts. All the feedback and suggestions were documented in our Community Engagement Report.

The College FMP Committee then took all of the feedback and started considering options for what kind of facilities would be required to meet the needs that were identified. These included a critical need for classrooms, an improved student services area, office space, flexible student spaces, additional career-technical education space and a much needed conference and meeting space for the College and community.

With the help of an architecture firm from Portland, we evaluated options for how to meet these needs. The results, after eight months of work, is a final FMP that provides a vision for TBCC facilities that should serve the college for the next 20 years. There are three phases to reach this vision. First is an Industrial Technology building for the manufacturing, welding, and future industrial programs. This could involve the purchase of an existing building in the community or building a new facility on land the college owns next to the Partners for Rural Innovation Building. The second phase would be to construct a new 25,000 square foot building just south of the current main campus on college land. This building would have six new classrooms and offices for staff displaced from the current building. It would also have a 500-seat auditorium that would be used for community and college events. The third phase would then be to renovate the current main campus building to expand our student support services area, library and tutoring area, and food pantry, create more faculty offices, and add an additional computer lab and student study spaces.

The College has just now submitted a proposal to the State of Oregon to request State matching funds to help make this vision a reality. We will know if we receive the funding by next summer and would then start fundraising and grant writing to raise as much of the remaining costs as possible before asking the community to support the project with a bond. The timeline is to have the project complete fall 2024.

As soon as we are able to meet again in groups, I will be traveling around the county to share the FMP with everyone. The College plans to remain an integral part of this county and to continue to meet the educational needs of people for many years to come. These new and renovated facilities will allow TBCC to continue to grow and support the economic vitality and livability of our county.