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Black Lives Matter -Tillamook Bay Community College

Black Lives Matter

June 7, 2020

We are appalled and saddened by the recent horrific incidents of violence and hate against black people in our country. The senseless killing of George Floyd in Minnesota was certainly the tipping point. The Leadership Team of Tillamook Bay Community College (TBCC) stands with all people around the world that again condemn the brutality and inequity against people of color. As an educational institution, we have an obligation to speak up and be an active part in dismantling systemic racism. In this time of social upheaval, we believe it is important to assert that Black Lives Matter.

Many Tillamook County residents are white, which makes it even harder for those of us that are white to fully understand and grasp the challenges experienced by people of color regarding race. As Robin DeAngelo stated in her book White Fragility, “the dimensions of racism benefiting white people are usually invisible to whites.” We must work through this by having ongoing discussions throughout our college and community on the devastating impacts of continued systemic racism toward people of color. We understand that we will learn the most by listening, and we are available to hear from anyone in our community who is willing to teach us. As Nelson Mandela stated, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. The world has to change in regard to racism and we are committed at TBCC to use our role as educators to do everything in our power to make a positive difference in this critical issue. TBCC is committed to not allowing this issue to again be swept aside by other priorities. Please join us.

TBCC Leadership Team