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TBCC Connections: Thank You Tillamook County! -Tillamook Bay Community College

TBCC Connections: Thank You Tillamook County!

By President Ross Tomlin

Ross Tomlin Photo

Even going through this terrible pandemic over the past eight months, along with the wildfires, a stressful election, and the large amount of division in this country, there is still so much to be thankful for, especially here in Tillamook County. TBCC is very thankful for the strong support we have received from our elected officials, organizations, our students, as well as our entire community. I want to take this opportunity to recognize some of these groups and individuals that are all helping to make TBCC successful even through all this adversity we are experiencing.

All of the career-technical programs at TBCC has advisory committees, made up of industry representatives in each field that meet 2-3 times per year with faculty and administrators in each program to discuss ways the program can be more successful and relevant to industry. They help make sure the curriculum provides the skills and knowledge students need to be successful in the field upon graduation. They also help to get students placed into positions in the field which is an important goal of the college. We greatly appreciate the time and expertise that our advisory committee members bring to our career-technical programs.

We have so many people and organizations in Tillamook County that donate money and equipment to the college to help us meet our goals. Just a few examples include $78,209 contributed toward scholarships by families and service clubs in Tillamook County, The TBCC Foundation received a substantial planned gift from and estate plan last year, TLC Fibre Federal Credit Union donated $2,500 toward student emergency funds, Stimson Miller Foundation and Stimson Lumber each donated $12,500 toward a CNC machine for our manufacturing program, Reser Family Foundation donated $21,000 for five welding machines, US Bank Foundation donated $3,000 for the Occupational Skills Training program, the Robert Riggert Family Foundation completed their five year pledge toward the  construction of our Partners in Rural Innovation Building across the street from the main campus, and 28 individuals have bought a credit in our Buy-a-Credit fundraiser for the Career to Career scholarship program. And the list goes on.  We are so grateful to all of the people and organizations that gave generously to help our students to make it through college to go on to a well-paying career or on to further education at a university. Thank you!

To go along with all this good news of support for the college, TBCC also received a report done for all community colleges in Oregon that details the economic value of the college to Tillamook County. In fiscal year 2018-19, TBCC added $24.3M in income to the county economy, and TBCC’s impact supported 437 jobs. In return for their investment in education, students will receive a 19.8% average rate of return. Finally, for every dollar invested in TBCC in fiscal year 2018-19, people in Oregon will receive $5.90 in return. The full report can be found in the news section of our website. So this is truly a win-win for everyone in Tillamook County and especially for our students. So we have a lot to be thankful for here in Tillamook County!