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We stand up against hate and discrimination -Tillamook Bay Community College

We stand up against hate and discrimination

April 12, 2021

We are disheartened that there continues to be widespread discrimination against people of color and not enough is being done to curb it. It is utterly unacceptable that we continue to witness acts of hatred in this country. When will we learn that we are all human beings deserving of respect and acceptance?  When will we learn that we should be celebrating our differences instead of criticizing them? When will we learn that love is so much stronger than hate? We have to continue working diligently and tirelessly to strip away prejudices and acts of discrimination and infuse into our culture that these are totally unacceptable.

With recent events, it is hard to see much progress being made. Between the continued attacks on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders and the blatant attack on voting laws by multiple state legislatures focused on reducing voting access for minorities, we are clearly still in an all-out war to fight these injustices.

The Tillamook Bay Community College Leadership Team fully supports efforts to fight all acts of discrimination. We stand in solidarity with Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, who have continually experienced many forms of discrimination since the founding of this country. We condemn these acts and implore others to also publicly condemn these acts. We have to stand together united against these discriminatory attitudes and actions and continue to actively work to move our culture toward acceptance and love. As an institution of higher education in Tillamook County, we accept this responsibility and hope even more people throughout our county will join us.