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Returning College Students -Tillamook Bay Community College
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Returning College Students

Already earned some college credits? Then congratulations, because you’re part way toward a degree that can change your life!

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, people with an associate’s degree earn about $6,000 more every year than those with just a high school diploma. You are investing now to increase your future opportunities.

Apply for Admissions/Update Your Student Record

Even if you have attended TBCC in the past, we request that you apply for admission so that we have an updated student record in our system. This will allow you a chance to update your addresses and phone numbers, choose your degree or certificate goals, and to be sure that your identifying information is accurate.

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    Meet with and Advisor

    If you are applying as a returning college student,  you will need to meet with one of our academic advisors before registration. During this meeting, you and your advisor will work together to make sure you take the right classes to meet your educational and career goals. If you have transcripts from another college, it would be very helpful to bring those along with you to the first meeting. Unofficial transcripts will work for the advisor meeting.

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    Register for Classes

    During you rmeeting with an advisor, you will be able to register for the courses you need. If you have been out of school for a while, you should discuss with your advisor whether attending a New Student Orientation might be helpful for you.