TBCC Foundation Receives A 100K Endowment from Loren E. Parks Trust

The Tillamook Bay Community College Foundation has received a 100K endowment from the Loren E. Parks Trust that will support healthcare pathways students. The Loren E. Parks Trust Endowed Scholarship will be used to support Healthcare Pathways students – such as EMS, Medical Assisting, Phlebotomy, and Nursing Assistant.

The ability to support a variety of TBCC students in a booming industry is extremely beneficial because the cost of equipment and fees associated with healthcare pathways are higher than in other TBCC classes. The perpetual support of the Loren E. Parks Trust Endowed Scholarship will help many healthcare pathways students pursue their careers with less financial stress.

For the past three years, the Trust has been managed by four trustees. Jerry Dove, a trustee, spoke to why the endowment would go towards healthcare pathways students, “Loren made his living inventing, manufacturing, and selling medical electronics; and my wife, Johna Dove, is a retired RN. The Trust has donated to the hospital several times, and Johna and I want to see our local hospital have and retain locals in the medical field.”

The Loren E. Parks Trust Endowed Scholarship will support healthcare pathways students in many ways. Funds can be used for tuition, fees, books, educational expenses, living expenses, and childcare. The TBCC Foundation wants to provide as many academic opportunities as possible for TBCC students, which includes the means to help students with basic needs. This is the first endowment that the TBCC Foundation has received this year. Britta Lawrence, the Executive Director of the Foundation said, “The TBCC Foundation is extremely grateful to receive this generous gift of $100,000 to start a new endowment focused on supporting our healthcare pathways program. The Loren E. Parks Trust has been a fantastic community supporter in previous years, and we are grateful that once again the TBCC Foundation was selected to receive funds. This endowment will exist into perpetuity, positively impacting TBCC students forever.”

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