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Make a Payment -Tillamook Bay Community College

Make a Payment

TBCC offers several ways for you to keep current with paying your way through college, including the convenience of setting up an online payment plan. Below are some resources to help answer your payment questions.

How much do I owe?

Your account balance is available 24/7 on the student tab under student finances when you log into MyTBCC.  For instructions on how to access your online student account statement go to What do I owe?

When do I pay?

Payment for classes is due each term by the last Friday of the first week of the term. A late payment fee of $75 is charged to students who do not make payment arrangements before the deadline. For a list of payment due dates go to When is payment due?

What are my payment options?

TBCC offers a variety of ways to pay your balance including access to online payments 24/7. For a list of payment options go to How do I make a payment?

Payment plans are also available for more information about online payment plans and plan enrollment dates go to How do I set up a payment plan?

Is there a senior discount?

Individuals 62 years of age and older are eligible for a Golden Age Discount. The Golden Age Discount applies to tuition only for credit courses. For more information go to Golden Age Discount

How do I pay with a scholarship?

Scholarships can be used to pay your balance and to purchase books. For information on how scholarships are processed How do I use my scholarships?

Can the college bill my employer or other agency?

TBCC can bill third party agencies including employers, high schools, and others. For more information on setting up a third party authorization go to How can I authorize an agency to pay my bill?

How do I get books?

TBCC has an online bookstore available 24/7. Customer service for the online bookstore is available at (800) 325-3252 or visit the Online Bookstore Help Center.

If you are using financial aid, scholarships, or third party resources to purchase your books go to How do I get a book voucher? for book voucher information and availability dates. For additional information and to view or purchase your books online visit TBCC’s Online Bookstore information page.