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Associate of General Studies -Tillamook Bay Community College
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Associate of General Studies

The Associate of General Studies Degree lets you design a program that meets your needs. In other words, you can customize it. Just be sure to get some advice from the college/university where you plan to transfer. You can include courses from career technical and transfer areas. We recommend you work closely with a career education advisor at TBCC to assist you.

Comprehensive Requirements

  1. You need a minimum of 90 credits to graduate. All courses must have a number of “100” or above
  1. Resident Coursework Requirement: Overall, at least 30 credits of satisfactory coursework toward your degree must be earned at TBCC
  1. A 2.0 grade point average (C average) is required to graduate.
  1. Associate Degree Comprehensive Requirement limits:
    • TBCC courses approved to be repeated for credit can only be used once to count toward the degree. However, you can repeat Cooperative Education for a maximum of 12 credits.
    • If a general education course is split into multiple courses, e., a 101 course becomes 101A, 101B, and 101C, only one can be used to meet the requirement.
    • Max 12 credits of Cooperative Education can count toward degree.
    • Max nine credits of 199 or 299, experimental courses, can count toward degree.
    • Max 24 credits of “P” (Pass) grades can count toward degree.
    • No more than six PE credits.

Specific Requirements

Writing Competency

  • Complete WR 121 with a grade of “C” or better, or
  • Pass a writing course that has WR 121 as a prerequisite with a letter grade of “C” or better.

If you have a degree from a US regionally accredited institution, you do not have to take WR 121 or a course with a WR 121 prerequisite.

Mathematics Competency

  • Complete MTH 70 with a grade of “C” or better, or
  • Pass a mathematics course (minimum of three credits) for which MTH 70 or higher is a prerequisite with a grade of “C” or better.

General Education Requirements

Take 16 credits of General Education courses from these categories:

  • Art and Letters
  • Social Sciences
  • Mathematics, Science & Computer Science

A list of General Education courses can be found in the TBCC Course Catalog.

You must have at least one course worth three or more credits from each category. You do not need General Education credits if you already have a degree.

Elective Credit Requirements

You must select elective courses to reach a total of 90 credits from career technical or transfer courses.