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Dr. Bob’s Faculty Page -Tillamook Bay Community College
Intercalated discs of cardiac muscle photo

Welcome to Dr. Bob's Faculty Page for Fall Term 2020

drbob Robert “Dr. Bob” Pietruszka Biology Faculty

A.A. – San Francisco City College

B.A. Biology – California State University, San Francisco

M.S. Zoology – Oregon State University

Ph.D. Biology – University of New Mexico


Fall Term courses Moodle links: If you are enrolled in one of these courses, use the link to get to the course page on Moodle.

BI 231 – Anatomy and Physiology I

BI 211 – Principles of Biology I

BI 234 – Microbiology




Below are links to a variety of open access, peer review journals and other resources in no particular order. Use these links during the research for your term papers. I will add to this list as I find more sources.

Photo credit: RD Pietruszka