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TBCC Directory -Tillamook Bay Community College

TBCC Faculty and Staff Directory

TBCC can be reached by using either our local number (503) 842-8222 Our Fax is: (503) 842-8334.

Staff and faculty can be reached at the extension numbers below or via email.


Last Name

First Name



1815 Atchison Tom Business Administration Instructor
1070 Bennett Brooke Office of Instruction: Program Coordinator
1845 Carlbom Ron Welding Instructor
1835 Carlson Chris Math Instructor
1160 Case Jenny SNAP and Career Education Advisor
2500 Cooper Terre Director Economic Development Council Tillamook County
1320 Critelli JoAnn Community and Continuing Education Coordinator
1440 Crowe James CDL Instructor
1870 Deane McKenna Megan OSU – Open Campus Coordinator
1830 Degraffenreid Michele Writing Instructor
1825 Elliott Sydney English and Writing Instructor
1420 Gann Lindsey EDC/SBDC Office Support Specialist
1110 Hanson Rhoda Vice President of Student Services
1165 Hartford Sara Career Education Advisor
1510 Hastings George Facilities Maintenance Specialist
1130 Jackson Sally Financial Aid Advisor
1135 Jordan Kelsey Financial Aid Advisor
1340 Kraus Holly Office of Instruction: Support Specialist
1820 Laszlo Geza Math Instructor
1026 Lawrence Britta Director of Development
1321 Lehman Brian Community & Continuing Education Assistant
1025 Luquette Heidi Executive Director of Advancement and TBCC Foundation
1035 McCarley Erin Director of Institutional Effectiveness
1155 McKeehan Kellie Career Education Advisor
1060 Merrill Candice Executive Assistant to the College President and Board
1080 Miller Sarah Online Instruction Specialist
1028 Moser-Walker Sayde Marketing Specialist
1145 Moore Robert Registrar
1150 Mustonen Sara Career Education Advisor
1610 Neu Sheryl Information Technology Director
1090 Owsley Shelby Tillamook Works Coordinator
1710 Phoenix Masyn College Librarian / Library Director
1022 Phoenix Becca Human Resource Support Specialist
1805 Pietruszka Bob Biological Sciences Instructor
1030 Rivenes Teresa Vice President of Instruction
1020 Ryan Pat Director – Facilities, Safety, Human Resources
1875 Sandusky John Social Science Instructor
1240 Sisco Shannon Business Office Specialist
1410 Soto Arlene SBDC Director
1310 Spitzer Darryl Dean of Career Technical Education
1050 Spitzer Kandi Dean of Academic Partnerships
1015 Tomlin Ross President
1720 Valencia Blanca Library Assistant
1620 Valencia Monica IT Coordinator
1220 Vanselow Sheryl Business Office Specialist
1810 Weissenfluh Michael Business / Computer Instructor
1210 Williams Kyra Vice President of  Finance
1230 Woodke Karey Business Office Specialist
1021 Woodke Kelly Evening Facilities Specialist
2116 ASTBCC & PTK Student Government Office