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Governance & Leadership

TBCC Leadership Team

The TBCC Leadership Team oversees and participates in most of the major decisions at the College. Leadership Team members represent all the departments on campus and provide shared leadership and oversight to the College and ensure strategic direction and viability of the College.

Vice President Paul Jarrell Smiling
Paul Jarrell
Peter Williams
Interim VP of Instruction and Student Services
Erin McCarley
Erin McCarley
Director of Institutional Effectiveness
Rhoda Hanson
Rhoda Hanson
Associate Vice President of Student Services
Michele DeGraffenreid
College Council/ Faculty Rep
Shari Montazari
Chief Financial Officer
Britta Lawrence
Executive Director of the TBCC Foundation and the Office of Advancement
Lorie Lund
Executive Assistant to the President and Board

College Council

College Council aims to serve as a college-wide, shared-governance committee with representatives from all the major campus departments, constituencies, and committees. The primary purpose is to be a forum that facilitates dialogue on college-wide issues. The Council works with the Leadership Team to provide feedback and input on the college strategic plan, enrollment management, accreditation, and other major college initiatives and is active in all college evaluation and improvement efforts. The Council advises the President on issues that affect the entire college.

Meetings occur on the last Wednesday of each month from 3:00 to 4:30 p.m. or as called by the College Council Chair and are open to all, including students.

Michele DeGraffenreid
Representative, Faculty and Council Chair
John Sandusky
John Sandusky
Representative, Faculty
Nikole Clark
Nikole Clark
Representative, Information Technology
JoAnn Critelli
Representative, Community Education
Clare Sobotka
Clare Sobotka
Representative, Library Services
Katie Nelson
Representative, Adjunct Faculty
Mia Gibson
Representative, Office of Advancement 
Baylee Beutel
Representative, Student Services
Mackenzie Mitchell
Representative, Student Government
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