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Learning Communities

Find Your Passion!

Deciding what to study can be tough. Sometimes you know the field you want to work in. Other times you may only know that you want to work with people, outside in nature, or even that you enjoy math. TBCC has seven Learning Communities that can help you find inspiration and the educational path that is right for you.

Our Goal is To Help You Get on a Path to Success

Our goal is to help you explore your educational pathway options, get on an educational path you will enjoy that will lead to the type of work you hope to do, then support you to learn and ensure you are able to complete the path you have chosen. The next step is yours to either enter or advance in the workforce or continue on and transfer to a university. Our goal is to do this for 100% of our students.
Take a look. What sounds inspiring?

Nature & Outdoors

If you want to work with animals, crops, farms, or trees, TBCC offers several degree options that can lead to careers in forest biology, silviculture, agriculture, fish and wildlife, and more!
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If you enjoy working with numbers and financial information, working in a business setting, or running a business, consider a degree or certificate in business, accounting, or supervision.
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If you dream of a career in healthcare, TBCC can help you get started or advance in careers in medical assisting, emergency medical services, phlebotomy, healthcare admin., radiology, and more.
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If you like to care for others, solve problems, work in a team, and help people improve their lives, TBCC offer education towards careers in psychology, education, criminal justice, and corrections.
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Industrial Technology

If you are interested in manufacturing, industrial or mechanical systems, TBCC offers training for careers such as machine operator, welder, maintenance or agricultural technicians, and more.
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Arts & Letters

Do you enjoy studying literature, poetry, art, or foreign language? TBCC offers degree options that may be a great fit as you prepare to transfer to a university to study in these areas.
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Science & Math

If you are a problem solver or like to think critically the science, math, and computer programs at TBCC can help you work towards a job as an engineer, biologist, computer science professional, or even a teacher.
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What if I’m still not sure?

We can help! Meeting with a Success Coach is a great way to help you narrow in on the specific program that’s best for you. You can also do some career exploration to help you find what is of interest to you. Students are allowed to be “UNDECIDED” for 1-2 terms.
Nicole Martin

“When we get to practice our life passions every day for work… it all of sudden doesn’t feel so much like ‘work’ anymore.”

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