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Strategic Planning

TBCC 2022-2029 Strategic Plan

The TBCC 2022-2029 Strategic Plan was approved by the Board of Education on September 12, 2022. The plan is the culmination of six months of collaborative work to learn from our community, identify and develop our mission, vision and values and to set out priorities for the next seven years of growth at the College. The Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) included representatives from every department at the College. We heard from 179 community members, staff and students through surveys, interviews, and focus groups. This work resulted in an insight report that was the foundation for the development of the plan

The mission statement and values were developed by the SPC and approved by the Leadership Team. The vision statement was developed in a joint meeting of the SPC and the Leadership Team, in which we brainstormed the images, words and phrases that could describe our aspirational goal for the College. The image of the College as the ‘educational center of the community’ emerged from that work and resonated with everyone, and it reflects themes from the Insight Report: the community’s desire for more engagement with the College. The vision statement was tested with employees through a survey and was also shared with our community partners for feedback.

The five priority areas arose out of the Insight Report and reflect essential areas of strategic focus. Workgroups were created for each priority with subject matter experts recruited in each. Also, all staff and faculty were invited to participate in a priority workgroup which resulted in nearly 40 employees participating. The workgroups drafted objectives – how we will measure our success, and initiatives – projects outside of our day-to-day operations that will help us to reach the objectives. These draft products were reviewed and refined by the Leadership Team, and shared with College Council for feedback. This has been a truly collaborative, college-wide process.

One-Page Version of the Plan

Tillamook Bay Community College Strategic Plan One Page Spread.

If you have any questions about this process or the plan, please contact our Director of Institutional Effectiveness, Erin McCarley at

Strategic Planning Team Members

Tom Atchison – Business Administration Faculty

Selena Castro – Dean of Academic Partnerships

Holly Kraus – Support Specialist in Instruction

Britta Lawrence – Executive Director, TBCC Foundation

Heidi Luquette – Vice President of Administration and College Relations

Erin McCarley – Director of Institutional Effectiveness

Kellie McKeehan – Student Engagement Facilitator

Teresa Rivenes – Vice President of Academic and Student Services

Jude Scholtzhauer – Student Success Coach

Sayde Walker – Marketing Coordinator

Planning Timeline

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