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Nature and Outdoors

Nature and Outdoors

Have you considered spending your career outdoors or in a work environment that focuses on the natural environment around us? Do you want to work with animals, crops, farms, or trees? TBCC offers several degree options that offer hands on learning from local experts and educators in the field. These degrees can lead to exciting careers in forest biology, silviculture, dendrology, fish and wildlife conservation, research and more!

Each of these degrees will also transfer directly to degree programs at Oregon State University.


“I like how the Agricultural Science program embraces the real meaning of being a small college. For example, in my Beef and Dairy industries class, we went out in the field for almost every class; that is how we learned. We went out to dairies and other operations. We were able to ask the farmers and ranchers the questions we really wanted to know. The hands-on part, the interactive experiences is what I liked best.”

To learn how to get started in one of these degree paths, contact a Succes Coach or call 503.842.8222 ext. 1100

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