TBCC Discusses Job Quality and Student Success on the “All In: Student Pathways Forward” Podcast

Job quality affects more than employee morale at work, especially at an institution for higher education like a community college. Not only do community colleges have employees, but students who will enter the workforce when they complete their education. A community college like Tillamook Bay (TBCC) also has many external partnerships that help promote economic growth and equity in Tillamook County, which also concerns job quality.

On a new episode of the “All In: Student Pathways Forward” podcast, host Marc Goldberg discusses job quality with TBCC President Dr. Ross Tomlin, and Jude Schlotzhauer, a graduate and current college Success Coach and adjunct welding faculty. Schlotzhauer discusses her transformative experience as a student and how it impacts her interactions with students as a Success Coach and faculty member. President Tomlin explains how the college supports employee job quality and the importance of TBCC’s external partnerships in creating economic equity.

Schlotzhauer’s interview dives into the workplace culture at TBCC and how that culture is molded to serve students in as many ways as possible. Being a student at TBCC, “shaped [Schlotzhauer’s] understanding of what a TBCC employee will do for their students, which is to meet them where they are and assist them to be successful as students and people.” She goes on to talk about the rewarding experience of seeing her students succeed and achieve their goals while providing the same care and consideration that she received as a student.

President Tomlin elaborates on Jude’s discussion with Goldberg by noting the connections between TBCC’s job quality for employees and student success. “Jude was one of our students, has a passion for Career-Technical Education, and loves helping students find their path as she did. She exemplifies, in my mind, the best of what our faculty and staff bring to TBCC, the passion to learn, to improve, and help students be successful in achieving their goals.” He also discusses the policies and practices in place at TBCC that promote a healthy and equitable workplace for staff and faculty.

The “All In: Student Pathways Forward” podcast is hosted by Oregon workforce development and higher education leader, Marc Goldberg, and focuses on elevating Oregon community college student voices to shape inclusive higher education, workforce development policies, programs, and partnerships that create economic mobility. It is a part of Oregon’s participation in the National Skills Coalition SkillSPAN network. You can hear the full episode on Spotify and Apple or visit studentpathwaysforward.buzzsprout.com.

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