Apply Now for Scholarships to Tillamook Bay Community College

The Tillamook Bay Community College Foundation has opened their application for scholarships to attend Tillamook Bay Community College this fall. Applications must be completed by June 13, 2022 to receive funding for fall term.

The scholarship process is completed online at From there, students complete and submit one application to assess their eligibility for multiple scholarships.

The TBCC Foundation has more than $80,000 to award to students, which can help pay for tuition, fees, books, educational supplies, childcare and sometimes even living expenses. There are scholarship opportunities for part- and full-time students, students with financial aid, and students with a GPA of 2.0.

Scholarships are awarded in June, with funds dispersed in the fall. Unlike federal and private loans, scholarship dollars do not have to be paid back, making them a cost-effective way to help pay for your college education.

For more information on TBCC Foundation scholarships, contact Britta Lawrence at 503.842.8222 ext. 1026 or email

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