Long-time Faculty John Sandusky Receives Teaching Excellence of the Year Award

John Sandusky, Tillamook Bay Community College faculty member was recently awarded the Teaching Excellence of the Year Award for 2021-2022. Sandusky has been teaching at TBCC for the last 31 years, and received multiple nominations for several different classes in different disciplines. He was recognized for being a great speaker, bringing real-life issues into the classroom, encouraging his students to keep learning, and keeping his classes entertaining.

Along with the recognition, Sandusky also received a check for $1,000.

Each year, current TBCC students nominate faculty members for the award based on their experiences in the classroom. The winner is selected by a committee consisting of staff, a student representative and the previous year’s award winner. More than eight faculty received nominations this year.

A few of the things students said about Sandusky in their nominations included:

  • “He is a great speaker and keeps classes entertaining. I have taken many classes over the years and this is definitely my favorite teacher.”
  • “He is always available to answer my questions and actually cares about me as a student. He presents material in numerous ways so I am always able to understand what is going on.”
  • “He makes the classroom fun, comfortable and safe.”

Upon receiving the award, Sandusky said he has enjoyed teaching at TBCC for the last three decades. “During my time here, we’ve always had excellent teachers,” he said. “And I am proud to have served with them.”

The Teaching Excellence of the Year Award was started in 2015 by a local donor student, Dale Harmer, who wanted to assist the college in recognizing excellence in the classroom. The TBCC Foundation receives an annual donation of $1,000 to distribute to a faculty member nominated by students.

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