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TBCC Open House and Giving Circles Luncheon Wrap-Up

On Saturday, April 13, Tillamook Bay Community College (TBCC) held its first Open House event alongside the TBCC Foundation’s second-annual Giving Circles Luncheon. A big weekend for TBCC, the campus was full of community members who received valuable information about college updates.

Members of the Foundation’s Giving Society were invited to a private luncheon before the Open House. Updates on the Healthcare Education and Center for Industrial Technology (CIT) buildings were shared, as well as new renderings, program and services updates, and essential information about the TBCC Foundation’s scholarships, endowments, and more were presented by the President of TBCC, Dr. Paul Jarrell, and the Executive Director of the TBCC Foundation, Britta Lawrence.

Attendees of the Giving Circles Luncheon were also invited to preview the Open House before its opening. Including their attendance, the college had about sixty guests at the Open House. These community members and donors were able to see over a dozen programs and services showcased by the college. Facilities Director, Jason Lawrence, was there to answer questions about the new building and present new renderings to the community. These included inside renderings of the lobby, community event space, and more.

Many displays had hands-on activities including the Nursing, Biology, Welding, and Electric programs. The Art program showcased its winter students’ digital art, and TBCC’s Equity and Inclusion Committee played a slideshow of their activities and shared important information about local resources for students and families in the community.

The Open House and Giving Circles Luncheon were a resounding success, bringing donors and the community together in celebration of the college’s growth and advancement. As TBCC continues to grow, events like these serve as important milestones on the college’s journey toward excellence and service.

Interested in learning about the TBCC Foundation’s Giving Society? – The Foundation’s Giving Society is made up of three Giving Circles: the President’s Circle, the Executive Circle, and the Legacy Society. Each member of the Giving Society has met a donation threshold that places them into a Giving Circle. Notably, members of the Legacy Society have contributed $25K or more in their lifetime or have included the TBCC Foundation in their estate plan. Many of these donors have created endowments, which act as scholarship dollars that can fund education for students in perpetuity. To learn more about how you can donate visit:

Did you miss the fun during TBCC’s Open House? – The Groundbreaking Ceremony for the Healthcare Education building will take place on June 21 from 1 PM – 2 PM. Join those passionate about education or Healthcare, dedicated TBCC staff and faculty, along with guest speaker Mary Faith Bell, for an afternoon of celebration as TBCC heads into an innovative future.

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