TBCC Connections: You have a place at TBCC

By Ross Tomlin

Spring is finally here, and I think we can all safely agree that we are looking forward to the change in season. Spring is a time for growth, renewal, and embracing opportunity. While we typically make New Year’s resolutions in January, there is merit to waiting until spring when the natural world moves out of its resting stage and into its growing stage.

I want to take this opportunity to remind you that if one of your resolutions was to find your dream job, get an education, or just learn a new skill, you have a place at Tillamook Bay Community College. If the thing that has been holding you back is the question “but how will I pay for it?” then keep reading, because I have the answers.

The Tillamook Bay Community College Foundation, which has been offering scholarships to TBCC students since 1997, opened their scholarship cycle on March 14. Prospective and returning students have until June 13 to fill out one application and be considered for more than $80,000 in scholarship dollars. This is money to help pay for your college education – everything from tuition, books, supplies, and sometimes even living expenses – that does not have to be paid back. Scholarships should be your first choice when determining how to pay for college, and thanks to the TBCC Foundation we have an abundance of scholarships for students who are looking to get started or return to school.

Several scholarships are for students in specific programs, or with certain interests or career aspirations. You very well might fit the mold for one of these scholarships. The only way to know is to apply. You can find a full list of the available scholarships on our website, tillamookbaycc.edu/tbcc-foundation.

We are so grateful to our donors and supporters who make these scholarships happen. We often hear from our students about how these scholarships changed their lives and set them on a course to fullfil their dreams.

Along with TBCC Foundation scholarships, the Career-to-Career Scholarship is also accepting applications for spring term from now through March 30. These are full-tuition scholarships for students who are returning to school after having been in the workforce for at least five years. This scholarship is perfect for someone who is looking to make a career change and needs financial support, or someone who is hoping to advance at their current job and could use more training to get there. This scholarship was created in 2017 to help a segment of the population that is sometimes overlooked but often has a high need.

Whatever your case may be, an education at TBCC can be a valuable investment in your personal and career goals. With scholarships available and a dedicated team of success coaches and financial aid experts, we are committed to finding a way to make your education affordable for you.

Remember, spring term starts April 5. You can find a list of credit and non-credit courses being offered this spring on our website, tillamookbaycc.edu. Reach out to our student services team if you have any questions by emailing studentservices@tillamookbaycc.edu.

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