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Scholarship Guide

What Is a Scholarship?

A scholarship is free money given to a student to assist in your ability to pay tuition and complete your educational goals. This means, once awarded a scholarship, you do not have to pay it back.


Why you should apply

Some really good reasons to apply (besides free money)

  1. Less debt: A scholarship can reduce or eliminate the need for student loans. Our VP of Student Services, Rhoda Hanson says it best “it is my personal goal to help every student complete their education without having to take out a loan.”
  2. Making connections: Scholarships look great on your resume. There is an opportunity every year to meet the donor of your scholarship. They want you to succeed, and they may be able to inform you of internship and job opportunities.
  3. Recognition: A donor believed in you so much that they want to help you succeed in school. Be proud of yourself!

Still not convinced you should apply? Let’s check out these scholarship myths and facts.



“I probably won’t qualify for a scholarship.”

We have scholarships for all types of students:

  • Part time student
  • New student
  • Adult student
  • Student with financial aide
  • Lend a helping hand in your community
  • Sole caregiver to a minor

“My grades aren’t good enough.”

If you have a 2.0 GPA or above, you qualify for a scholarship.

“I don’t have time to apply for scholarships; I need to do my homework.”

Doing your homework is important! Try to think about your scholarship application as a homework assignment.

“It’s better to spend time working at a job than working on my scholarship application.”

You do earn money right away at a job. However, time spent on a winning scholarship application can be more rewarding. For example:

  • Student A works at a gas station and earns $12/hour, it will take this student over 80 hours of work to earn $1,000 (don’t forget about taxes)
  • Student B spends 10 hours on a winning scholarship application, and is awarded $1,000. Based on the time spent, Student B earned $100.00 an hour, over 8 times the amount of Student A.

“I already have student loans to pay for my education.”

It is easier to use loans to pay for school, and not apply for scholarships. However, remember, loans can be very difficult to pay back. If you decrease the amount of student loans you take now, you get to keep more of your paycheck after you graduate!

“The average scholarship is too small; it will hardly make a difference.”

If you receive a scholarship that covers $500 for books, it makes a difference. For example:

  • Student A wins a $500 scholarship that can be used for books.
  • Student B buys the books on their credit card. At 23% interest rate and $20 payments a month, Student B will be paying a credit card bill for the next 4 years.

“I’m just a normal person, no one cares what I’m doing.”

Donors want to support you and help you achieve your educational dreams. Just by applying for scholarships shows, you are thinking about, and want to improve your future!

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