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Scholarships -Tillamook Bay Community College

Scholarship options at TBCC (Opciones de Becas en TBCC)

TBCC offers many scholarship opportunities to help you fund your education. Each scholarship is unique like you. Some may cover tuition while others may also cover: fees, books, living expenses, and childcare. There are options for most students. You do not have to have a perfect GPA to apply. There are many different scholarship opportunities. Some scholarships are based on financial need while others are awarded based on merit such as your experience giving a helping hand in your community. Selection for scholarships is based on the quality and completeness of the application and the required and additional essays.

TBCC ofrece muchas oportunidades de becas para ayudarle a financiar su educación. Cada beca se diferencia como única, igual que Ud. Algunas becas cubren la matrícula, mientras otras también cubren cuotas, libros, gastos de mantenimiento o/y guardería. Hay muchas oportunidades para diferentes becas. No tiene que tener un promedio perfecto para solicitar. Algunas becas se basan en la necesidad financiera, mientras otras se otorgan basado en mérito, como su experiencia en ayudar a su comunidad. La selección para becas se basa en la calidad e integridad de la solicitud, y que el solicitante cumpla con los requisitos y las respuestas a las preguntas del ensayo.

Below is a list of opportunities.

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TBCC Career-to-Career Scholarship (Beca de Carrera-a-Carrera de TBCC)

The Career-to-Career Program is a tuition scholarship available to qualified Tillamook County individuals in a career who need support to transition to a new career or to improve job skills for their current career. As long as the student maintains his or her eligibility, TBCC will award a tuition scholarship for the 2020-21 and the 2021-2022 school years (or until the student earns his or her first degree, whichever comes first). Students must be on one of two Career-to-Career Education Pathways outlined in the scholarship application.

Programa de Carrera-a-Carrera es una beca de matrícula disponible para individuos calificados del Condado de Tillamook que necesitan apoyo para la transición a una nueva carrera o para mejorar las habilidades laborales para su carrera actual. Mientras el estudiante mantenga su elegibilidad, TBCC otorgará una beca de matrícula para los años escolares 2020-21 y 2021-2022 (o hasta que el estudiante obtenga su primer título, lo que ocurra primero). Los estudiantes deben estar en uno de los dos caminos educativos de Carrera a-Carrera descrito en la solicitud de beca.

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TBCC Foundation Scholarships (Becas de la Fundación TBCC).

All students who have applied to attend TBCC are eligible to apply for a TBCC Foundation Scholarship. There are two scholarship cycles; one in spring and one in fall.


Todos los estudiantes que han solicitado asistir a TBCC son elegibles para solicitar una beca de la Fundación TBCC. Hay dos ciclos de becas; uno en primavera y otro en otoño.

Strong Start Scholarship

Many new students have pre-requisite courses needed before they are able to enroll in classes that are required for a degree. Other students might be fresh out of high school and want to get a jump-start on getting some of the required courses out of the way for fall.

The Strong Start Scholarship Program 2020 is a tuition, fees, and textbook scholarship available to a Tillamook County resident. Candidates who are interested in this scholarship can contact Student Services at or 503-842-8222 ext 1100.

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