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Strategic Planning and Mission Fulfillment

TBCC Mission Fulfillment

The process used by the College to measure success in achieving objectives and measures is called Mission Fulfillment.  Tillamook Bay Community College (TBCC) has defined mission fulfillment, both overall and within each Core Theme, based on achieving 70% of all indicators within the achieved or minimally achieved range. The achievement of each indicator is determined by comparing the current statistic with the threshold levels for each measure. These levels are:

  • Green – Achieved
  • Yellow – Minimally Achieved
  • Red – Not Achieved.

Overall, TBCC exceeded the green or yellow threshold in 76% of our 29 measures. The College achieved the green or yellow in 81% of the 16 measures in Educational Excellence, 67% of the six measures in Economic Success, and 71% of the seven measures in Leadership, Partnership and Community Engagement. Our performance has dropped primarily due to the impact of the pandemic. Our spring closure and move to online courses negatively impacted enrollment and FTE, limited opportunities for civic engagement, and resulted in lower completion rates for developmental math courses. Although we did not achieve mission fulfillment based on our definition, we made good progress on many measures. We have a plan and strategic projects in place to address the measures that were ‘in the red’ this year.

2022-23 Mission Fulfillment Report

2021-22 Mission Fulfillment Report

2020-21 Mission Fulfillment Report

2019-20 Mission Fulfillment Report

2018-19 Mission Fulfillment Report

2017-18 Mission Fulfillment Report

2016-17 Mission Fulfillment Report


Tillamook Bay Community College creates bridges to opportunity by providing quality education that serves the needs of our diverse community.


Tillamook Bay Community College is a local leader in educational excellence and innovation, community advancement, and economic success.


Tillamook Bay Community College values and promotes student success through academic excellence and resourceful teamwork in an environment that is personal and friendly.

  • Student Success– TBCC values being keenly receptive and intentionally responsive to students and fully supports achievement of their goals.
  • Academic Excellence– TBCC values rigorous, relevant education and training for students and the community.
  • Resourceful Teamwork– TBCC values collaboration, effective communication, and the wise use of resources to accomplish our mission.
  • Personal & Friendly Environment– TBCC values and demonstrates genuine concern and respect for each other, communities we serve, and our students while helping each achieve their potential.

Core Themes

  • Educational Excellence:  Students are provided with the opportunity to succeed in an equitable, inclusive, and supportive environment that enhances individual and professional growth, through academic, personal and professional development.
  • Economic Success:  The College contributes to the economic growth and development of students, community residents, and the entire region, while also practicing good stewardship of college resources.
  • Leadership, Partnership and Community Engagement:  The college and its students, staff, and faculty serve as educational and community leaders through professional development, skill building, or partnership with local businesses and school districts, post-secondary institutions, the TBCC Foundation, and governmental and social services.

The College reviews each academic program and service area every three years. This review includes an identification of trends and challenges, an analysis of progress made toward meeting service area outcomes, and for academic programs a thorough review of enrollment and completion data.

2022-2023 Accelerated Learning Review

2021-2022 College Preparation Program Review

2021-2022 Office of the President Review

2021-2022 TBCC Foundation Review

2020-2021 Nature and Outdoors Program Review

2020-2021 Library Service Area Program Review

2020-2021 Business Administration Program Review

2019-2020 Office of Institutional Effectiveness Program Review

2019-2020 Office of Instruction Program Review

2019-2020 Community Education Program Review

2019-2020 General Education Program Review

2018-2019 Facilities and Safety Program Review

2018-2019 Information Technology Program Review

2018-2019 Office of President Program Review

2018-2019 AAS Criminal Justice and Public Safety Program Review

2018-2019 AAS Manufacturing and Industrial Technology Program Review

2018-2019 Adult Basic Skills/ESOL Program Review

2018-2019 Office of Advancement Program Review

2017-2018 AAS Business Administration Program Review

2017-2018 AAS Agriculture and Natural Resources Program Review

2017-2018 TBCC Library Program Review

2017-2018 Student Services Program Review

2017-2018 Business Office Program Review

Facilities Master Planning

Facilities Master Plan

Tillamook Bay Community College (TBCC) has been a vital part of Tillamook County for almost 40 years. We have continued to grow in part by actively listening to the needs of the community and seeking out ways to enhance relationships and collaborate on opportunities with business, industry, educators, and others to support the educational and economic needs of the Tillamook community. The community supported the building of the main campus on Third Street in Tillamook in 2010. And the Partners for Rural Innovation Building, which is a shared space with OSU Extension and houses the TBCC Small Business Development Center and Tillamook Economic Development Council in 2017. These facilities have served the college and the community well. However, the College has witnessed exceptional growth over the past few years in students, staff, and community collaboration.

The situation prompted the initiation of a Facilities Master Planning process to determine the space needs required to meet the educational and community demands not only now, but projected for the next 20 years.

2021 Facilities Master Plan

In 2018, TBCC began the process to assess current program offerings, operations, and facilities along with the College’s aspirational goals and needs for the coming years. The goal of this effort was to create a comprehensive vision for TBCC’s future that carefully considered the role the College will play as a resource to its greater community.

The process involved meetings with key stakeholders to better understand how they currently use their spaces, how they perform their roles, how different departments collaborate, how students are served, and how each of these elements could be strengthened.

In May 2021, TBCC finalized a plan designed to carry the college forward into the future. This plan addresses the current urgent capacity issues in the main campus and situate the college for the future to best meet the needs of our community with additional space for Career-Technical education programs, and community and learning space.

The 2021 Facility Master Plan has three significant features.

  1. Purchase a facility to develop a Center for Industrial Technology. The old Mechtronics Building, which was an automotive repair business for over 25 years in Tillamook, located on Third St. across from the main campus, was purchased by the College in November 2020. It will house the Manufacturing and Industrial Technology and Welding Technology programs and will be renamed the Center for Industrial Technology. The space will be renovated to become a hands on lab with state of the art equipment and is expected to be open for classes in spring 2022. This purchase is the first step in this new Facilities Master Plan for TBCC to expand the campus to support Career-Technical Education and workforce development needs identified by the community.
  2. Construct a new academic building along with the development of the south parcel of land owned by the College.
  3. Renovation of the main existing academic building to accommodate the changing needs of the college and community.


 2021 Facilities Master Plan

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